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Emails: Wesley and Angel

First email thread is here.

Letter [2] from Giles to Wesley

[ OOC note: I am catching up with all my BVL work-load. I received this letter from Giles before Christmas. Shame on me. An answer is being written. ]

[In answer to this letter from Wesley.]

Wesley had been waiting for this letter for a little while now, and he opened it the moment it was in his hands. He'd been thinking a lot over the past few weeks about the scroll and its significance, and he couldn't wait to read what Giles had to say about it.

Letter from Giles #2Collapse )

Wesley mulled it over a moment, sitting down on his chair. He had no idea what to think of Rupert's opinion of Roger, but the information about the text were fascinating. Perhaps he'd have another look at it after dinner.

Letter [1] from Giles to Wesley

[OOC note: this letter arrived a few weeks ago. RL and a struggle to figure out what was to be done with Wesley's LJ have led to this being posted now instead of then. Sorry for the delay.]

Wesley dropped his briefcase next to his sofa, and sat down with a sigh. It had been another long day, and he was looking forward to an evening as quiet as could be. Shuffling slightly until he was sitting comfortably, he picked up his mail on the coffee table -- it had been accumulating there for a few days already, and he should definitely be taking a look at them -- and stared at the first envelop on the top of the pile.

The handwriting was familiar, but that wasn't what was surprising to him. No, what surprised him was the letterhead in the corner. No one from the Council had tried to contact him in a long time. With barely-shaking fingers, he opened the envelop and pulled out the letter.

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