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Letter [2] from Giles to Wesley

[ OOC note: I am catching up with all my BVL work-load. I received this letter from Giles before Christmas. Shame on me. An answer is being written. ]

[In answer to this letter from Wesley.]

Wesley had been waiting for this letter for a little while now, and he opened it the moment it was in his hands. He'd been thinking a lot over the past few weeks about the scroll and its significance, and he couldn't wait to read what Giles had to say about it.


I am quite thankful for your discretion in this matter. I proise you that I wouldn't have involved you in this if I didn't feel it was important. I do not ask lightly for your continued discretion.

The Council's resources have suffered quite a blow, but even if they hadn't, I'd have welcomed your opinion. I would be happy to hear any information you can give, and I have further information that I think will be helpful, though not particularly encouraging.

It seems the language is not a language as such. The true text (apparently a dialect of Berlyte) is hidden behind a spell-encryption.

I've been told that it looks like some sort of portal spell--an opinion with which I concur--though it's more complex than most, and we're unsure to what dimension it may lead. It may, however require a human sacrifice, and therefore it's unlikely to lead to any place particularly good.

The scroll was found in Cameroon, near a small village. The site is not well known, nor has it ever--as far as I have been able to find--been a known source of demon activity. It's typical of the area, being goat-hide parchment. The ink is also very typical, being mostly a mix of gum Arabic and carbon black. There is some trace of abalone shell, but that's most likely from the vessel in which the ink as mixed and I doubt it's a ritual component. However, there was an unknown type of blood in the mix as well. That could be of ritual significance or simply an average component in the ink. The scroll dates to around 2,500 BCE.

It's good to know that someone feels the changes within the Council are for the better. Your father and many of his cohorts have been quite vocal in their opinion that I'm single-handedly destroying all they worked to build. I see Roger's expression often enough that I rather wish I weren't here to see it. Or, at least, that he wouldn't point it in my direction quite so often. However, I still hope that his point of view and my own can co-exist, and that we can find a way to work together toward our common goal. At least, I kept telling myself that.

Thank you again,

Best regards,


Wesley mulled it over a moment, sitting down on his chair. He had no idea what to think of Rupert's opinion of Roger, but the information about the text were fascinating. Perhaps he'd have another look at it after dinner.



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